In the morning:

  • 08:30 a.m: Leave for Trang An, take a rowing boat along the river among nice valleys and go through nine caves with numerous stone stalactites in different shapes and sizes. In addition, wind, clean & cold water in grottoes also bring visitors pleasant feelings. Visitors also walk up the mountain to visit Noi Lam temple with unique stone carving art – where worship Tran Duy Minh – a genius General of Hung King.
  • 12:30 p.m: Lunch at Bai Dinh restaurant.

In the afternoon:

  • 02:00 p.m: Departure to Bai Dinh pagoda which is the new and biggest one in Viet Nam with the biggest bell and Buddha statue in South East Asia. This pagoda will be the Viet Nam’s Centre of Buddhism. Staying here, visitors will have a chance to learn about Vietnamese Buddhism and admire the local skillful stone carving with 500 stone Buddha statues and enjoy the wonderful scenery bellow the mountains.
  • To Thien Ha cave, visitors will surprise to its size. Inside this cave is wide and high, it is different with size of mouth of the cave (mouth of Thien Ha cave is only 4 meters across). Thien Ha cave has a impress depth (900 meters deep). Tourists can visit this cave by foot, but only 700 of 900 meter deep are accessible by foot, the others are by boat because they are under water.

Including: Transportation, entrance fee, boat fee, lunch, English speaking guide.
The tour can be tailored at your requests.

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