1. Ninh Van Stone Carving Village.

Ninh Van Stone Carving Village belongs to Xuan Vu Village, Ninh Van Commune, Hoa Lu District and is an unique and renowned stone sculpture village to both provincial and non-provincial tourists. The village’s stone carving dated back to a long time ago with various generations and historical events. It is the craftman’s hands that turn rough rock into perfect art. Stone products are composed of the following items: statue, birds and species, displaying pool, stele, flower pot, altar, screen, tower, bridge, gate, doorway, beam, etc. Products are sophisticcatedly and vividly sculpted with flexible, smooth and elegant lines made by clever hands and mind of artisan.


cham khac da Ninh Van okNinh Van Stone Carving Village.

  1. Kim Son Sedge Mat Village.

Kim Son sedge mat village is located near Phat Diem Cathedral at Kim Son District. The sedge has been grown in Kim Son for around two centuries. Through hundreds of years turning sea into land, Kim Son people have created large space to cultivate sedge and get material to produce sedge mat. Kim Son sedge mat earns its long-standing reputions for being stable thanking to sedge feature and nice pattern. Nowadays, Kim Son craftmen create various sedge-made products such as: mat, basket, tray, box, plate, dish, cup, hat, wallet, etc.


lang nghe det coi Kim SonKim Son Sedge Mat Village

  1. Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village.

Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village located in Ninh Hai commnune, Hoa Lu district is a part of Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourism site. Lace embroidery here is told to have claimed its existence for around 800 years datedback to Tran dynasty. Ms. Tran Thi Dung, the wife of Mandarin Tran Thu Do was  the one convering lace embroidery to local people. Ultilizing thin thread, colorful narrow and wide cloth with clever hand, lace emboidery performers have made vivid and smooth art works which can be compared to drawing line. Varied lace embroidery products are clothes, bed sheet, curtain, pillow, tablecloth, picture, painting, etc. Warmly welcomed by domestic and foreign tourists.


lang nghe theu ren van lamVan Lam Lace Embroidery Village.

  1. Bo Bat Pottery Village.

Ancient Bo Bat Pottery Village is now Bach Lien Village, Yen Thanh Commune, Yen Mo district. Bo Bat Pottery has existed for thousands of years and is the origin of present Bat Trang pottery. According to historical writings, Bo Bat Pottery Village was Bach Bat – Bo Xuyen Village, Thanh Hoa, ancient Ai Chau. The Village was renowed thousands of years ago for producing pottery products for daily ultilization and construction. Key products are cup, bowl, plate, flower pot, wind chime, pottery painting and artstic pottery statue designed with brocade pattern and drawn with colored enamel.


lang nghe gom bo batBo Bat Pottery Village

  1. Gia Thuy Pottery Village.

Gia Thuy Commune, Nho Quan District is famous for a traditional pottery village lasting for more 50 years up until now. Gia Thuy Pottery’s uniqueness stays in the fact that the pottery  is made of golden brown ceramic – a material only existing in local area. This ceramic possesses high adhesion, smoothness and temperature proof ability. Several popular and favorite products are wine bottle and jar specially made with pattern and scenery of Vietnam villages, making particular feature of Gia Thuy Pottery.


lang nghe gom gia thuyGia Thuy Pottery Village

  1. Phuc Loc Capenter Village.

Phuc Loc carpenter village located in Ninh Phong Ward, Ninh Binh City is a well-known villagesspecializing in producing household and handicraft wooden products. The village was born hundred of years ago and developed through conveying tradition from generation to generation. In the past, Phuc Loc carpenters made wooden products with sophisticatedly sculptural pattern for establishment of church, temple and community house. Phuc Loc carpenter village is regarđe as a place tp preserve and conserve quintessence of traditional carpenter and a choice of provincial and non-provincial customers.


Moc Phuc LocPhuc Loc Capenter Village


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