Decoding the meaning of the wine tower in a wedding

The image of a wine tower in a wedding is probably not too strange for each of us. However, in reality, not everyone knows about the meaning of this ritual. The wine pouring ceremony originated in the West and gradually spread to the East, carrying with it many beautiful symbolic meanings.

The wine tower at weddings is formed from special champagne glasses, stacked into a tower with about 5-7 tiers, symbolizing eternal and strong love.

The moment when the bride and groom pour wine onto the tower holds a beautiful meaning, symbolizing love that grows richer and deeper over the years. Besides its profound significance, the wine tower adds elegance and memorable moments to the wedding ceremony.

After pouring the wine, the bride and groom invite their parents to share a toast as a gesture of gratitude to the ones who gave them life and as a promise to love and care for each other for a lifetime

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