The meaning of the bride’s white wedding dress?

Almost all brides on a big day choose to wear a pure white wedding dress. So have you ever wondered about the meaning and origin of the white wedding dress?

“The trend of wearing a white dress on the wedding day was initiated by Queen Victoria. In 1840, on her big day with Prince Albert of Saxe, she wore an elegant and luxurious white wedding dress, which later became a tradition and custom in most countries.”

According to feng shui experts, white is a symbol of wealth, signifying that the bride is financially stable and capable of building a perfect family. White is a color that is not too flashy or gaudy and can harmonize with all other colors. It represents the purity and innocence of the bride and symbolizes a pure love.

Perhaps this is why this color is favored and chosen by all brides around the world for their big day, marking a milestone in their fulfilling marriage journey.

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