Ninh Binh Legend has a Health and Fitness Center full of modern equipments and facilities, along with sauna and steam baths. On top of that, there is a fantastic swimming pool outdoors for your health as well as entertainment.


Maintenance(From 01 Aug 2018 to the end of 31 Oct 2018).

This is a hard tennis court, being built in accordance with international standards, in an ample area surrounded by green trees. Large baselines, fine surface and high-pressure light system ensure enough light for players. Also it flexibly fulfills your need of sporting or socializing.


Gymnasium offers a wide range of latest facilities and various workouts. Feel free to choose the type of workouts and supported equipment best suited for your fitness condition.

Swimming Pool

Where you can indulge yourself in the crystal clear water, lazily graze at the delightful beauty of the surroundings and feel the sunshine down on you.


Mini golf course fully equipped with updated amenities ensures a fantastic experience while you are here. Unique mini holes on green grass will surely meet your needs of playing right away and help you achieve a higher level with exceptional golf curves.

Please contact Service Team of Ninh Binh Legend at the hallway.


Billiard is a great choice for your quality time with families and friends. It is not only an interesting game itself but also helps you build up the sharpness, skillfulness and endurance.